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Geplaatst op 21-10-2021 door BIG

The Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines (TFAP) Conference




9.00 - 17.00



The Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines (TFAP) Conference, scheduled for 19-21 October 2021, is aimed at sharing knowledge and featuring the latest achievements relative to the assessment, use, and maintenance of both ageing high-pressure (cross-country/offshore) transmission and ageing low-pressure distribution gas and oil pipeline systems. As a guideline for potential authors, the following themes will be covered at the conference: in-line inspection, test requirements, codes, girth welds, data management, and fatigue, among other topics. A parallel theme will be to explore the latest technology for materials and welding for new pipelines to ensure they are designed for a maximum effective operational lifetime.

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